LOVE DARE Challenge

My name is Amy Deever and I am ready to be your guide, your cheerleader, your confidant, and supporter for this journey.

For those of you who are not familiar with me, I am the Relationship Success Coach for Christian women. I help women take their marriages to the next level. Wherever you are in your marriage, I can help you take the next steps. I help you integrate your Christian values into your marriages, this way you can live in a harmonious, Christ-centered marriage even if your husband does not share your faith.  

Even if you have a great marriage, this 7-week LOVE DARE Challenge will benefit you and your spouse’s relationship.

In the times in which we live, there is a constant pull from the outside world trying to get us to follow the worldly ways. This can be overwhelming. This can come between us in our marriages and a lot times, it causes marriages to fail.

I want to help you use this tool to strengthen your marriage. I want to help you allow it to grow and to take a new direction, if needed. During this next several weeks there are going to be times that you will be tempted to quit, maybe times when you just don’t want to be strong enough to stick it out, but there are going to be times of surprise and p
ure joy. You will discover things about yourself and your marriage that you didn’t expect. Maybe your husband will surprise you—maybe not. Maybe God will surprise you. Don’t you love when God sends a miracle or a little something that blows your mind?

This is going to be an exciting time in your marriage, your life, and your journey with God. It is going to be a step by step, daily approach to a new way of life for you. Trust me, there are going to be times of struggle, times when you may want to quit, but that is why I am taking this journey with you.

This program is going to DARE you to connect, reconnect, or connect more fully with your husband. It is a creative way to strengthen your marriage and build on the foundation that is already there.

Love Dare
  • A REAL BOOK. This will be good to make notes or journal as you goes through the days.  
  • WEEKLY GROUP CALLS so we can connect and refuel, and as said, I will be teaching a new skill weekly. I will be keeping these groups small—about 10 ladies in each, so you are able to get to know the other ladies and I will be able to answer questions right on the call. Also, so I can provide the most value to you, I will only be offering a few groups at a time on different days of the week.  
  • ACCESS TO PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP to chat with others in the groups with bonus files and resources. 
  • A CHEAT SHEET RESOURCE of all 40 days in 4 printable pages from the Love Dare folks 
  • A FREE & PRIVATE, 40-MINUTE 1:1 WITH ME within the 2 weeks after the program. Once you complete the dare, you want to stay strong and take this new found relationship to the next level and you knowthat is what I help you do…you can always level up! God is never done with us! The one on one can really help you stay on track or we can design your new track together, if you want. (This alone is worth the price of the program because I don’t hold back. I want you to succeed. I give you my full expert knowledge and personal experience) I will provide a worksheet to maximize your time with me.
  • ACCESS TO A PRIVATE, PERSONAL ONLINE JOURNAL, message board, and other resources from the Love Dare folks. Side note: I am not affiliated with the LOVE DARE
    folks. I just love their book and think it is an excellent resource for moving forward in your relationship. I want to help you and I know they do too.
  • EMAIL ACCESS TO ME when you feel stuck (normal response within 24 hours) This could be crucial…Who wouldn’t want use a person who genuinely and without judgment wants to see them to succeed? I will be at your fingertips!  
  • A GROUP OF LIKE-MINDED WOMEN who will learn from you and whom you will learn from over the course of the 7 weeks. This will be awesome fellowship with other Christian women going through some of the same challenges. 
  • LEARN HOW TO LIVE INTENTIONALLY. You don’t have to be at the effects of life. Meaning you don’t have to be waiting for life to happen. I can help you discover how to make your life happen on your terms—with the help of God. 
  • ENCOURAGEMENT from me and from others in the group to cheer you on during this journey. It can get tough and sometimes an encouraging word can go a long way to keep you on track. 

The LOVE DARE Challenge:

A 7 Week Program

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