About Amy Deever

Amy Deever, is a Certified Relationship Success Coach, specializing in Christian women who want to take their marriage to the next level. She coaches women through the good times and through the struggles of marriage. Utilizing both her coaching expertise and her marriage experience, she helps her clients shift their marriages from mediocre to amazing!


Amy helps her clients: 

  • Have better overall communication with their husbands—and everyone else for that matter 
  • Realize God’s plan for their marriage 
  • Create and implement plans for decision making with their spouse 
  • Be on the same page with their spouse for raising children 
  • Act consciously, and not just react to situations 
  • Find their personal set of values and show them how they play a huge part in every aspect of life 
  • Find out their spiritual gifts and how to accentuate them

Amy holds a coaching certification from the world-renowned Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. She also holds a master practitioner level certification in the Energy Leadership Index, an assessment that assists her in shifting people from their current level of stress into more happiness, fulfillment, and joy. 


A devout Christian, Amy believes that God has designed us to glorify Him and that He “knows the plans He has for you…plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11)


Amy lives in Des Moines, IA., where you’ll find her tending to her flower and vegetable gardens, fellowshipping with other members of her church, and spending time with her husband, her 15 year old son, and their two dogs, Trip and Frank.