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Are you a Christian woman who wants to take her marriage from mediocre to amazing?

Do you want to know how to integrate your Christian values into your relationship so you can resolve challenges and enjoy a harmonious and Christ-centered relationship? 

Then, YOU are who GOD has purposed ME to serve.

Are you frustrated because

  • You feel disconnect in your relationship and the gap is getting larger?
  • Money is a constant challenge: How to manage it, save it, or spend it?
  • You cannot seem to find common ground on raising and disciplining your children?
  • You need time for you or you and your husband and there never seems to be the time?

Then, you do not want to miss my free action guide:

“10 tips to Take Your Marriage to the Next Level"


  • Resolving those disagreements once and for all.
  • Enjoying mutual trust in all financial decisions. 
  • Agreeing on a set of rules to raise your children that you both can live with.
  • Recapturing and rejuvenating that original spark.
  • Experiencing joy, knowing that your relationship is Christ-centered.

"I work with Christian women who are ready to transform their marriages. I help them integrate their Christian values to resolve ongoing challenges, so they enjoy a harmonious, Christ-centered relationship." 

Now I am in control of how I react, respond and feel...

When I first began working with Amy, I didn’t really know what coaching was. I thought it was like having a counselor or therapist, and I was apprehensive. So, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that coaching was all about me having the power inside of myself to make the changes I wanted. Amy never told me what to do; her job was to help me access that power within. And she did a great job.


I truly believe that my boyfriend (now my husband) and I would never have stayed together if I hadn’t worked with Amy, learning how to process and work through relationship issues.


There was one traumatic issue in particular that I believe would have ended the relationship if I hadn’t been able to let go and move forward. Now, we’re happily married!


I also handle stress and other circumstances in general SO much better than I did before—I am in control of how I react and respond and feel. I am truly becoming the woman I was meant to be!

The best part about working with Amy was the way she supported and encouraged me. I felt as though I could tell her anything and that she would support me and help me choose to grow in all circumstances. She helped me believe in myself—to truly get that it really is in my power to be who I want to be. She also helped me to fix my eyes even more on the Lord, so I could access more of his help and support. 


If you’re ready and willing to work on yourself, to value coaching and apply it to your life, then I highly recommend you work with Amy. All you have to do is be willing to set your goals and take the baby steps to get there, and she’ll help you get through any challenges that are in your way. She’s the best!


Gabrielle (Engle) Glover
Owner, GG Photography

Des Moines, IA

I handle difficult relationships with more confidence and ease...

Before Amy and I began working together, I lacked confidence in myself. I was afraid of “getting out there” and just being me. Now, I’m on my own and I feel good about it.


I went back to school to pursue the career of my dreams. Best of all, I have a new, positive perspective on my life, myself, and my relationships. The people around me have noticed the difference—and they like it!

At work, I’m friendlier and more outgoing with patients, and more able to show my true self. I’ve learned how to handle difficult relationships with more confidence and ease.


What I really like about Amy is how supportive and encouraging she is. She

believes in me, which helps me move forward confidently and learn to believe in myself.


I also like that she loves the Lord and takes guidance from the Holy Spirit. If you’re ready for a change, and you’re ready to do what it takes to create the life you want, Amy will help you do it. Sign up to work with her now!


Amanda Smithart
Des Moines, IA

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